Monday, July 31, 2006

Quilts, pillows, and tons of bags

Yesterday we had a busy quilting/crafting meeting. It is nice when so many of us get together and talk like if we hadn't seen each other in years!
It's amazing how many new projects we have all together! and of course we also have our long big huge projects that keep us entertained for months.
Yanina finished her fish quilt, so cute!

Claudia, the bag girl is making a bag for a friend.

She is also made another one for herlself. She said "this is the first one I have made for ME from scratch!" It is so nice! And it really amazes me where does she find all those colorful fabrics, she says in Walmart but I just don't seem to look with the same kind of eyes! Because I never find them!

And one more for herself. The white circles are pieces of paper that she uses as a guide for quilting.

Yanina is into pillows now. And she likes to make the patchwork part like a puzzle. She had all these tiny pieces that she arranged into 4 flowers that will form the front of a very nice pillow.

And she cut pieces in paper of two new projects. As I said, she is fast!

Gisele made this beautiful quilt some time ago but it still needs to be finished. She decided to work on an old project rather than starting a new one (unlike me that I never finish my projects, well, hardly ever).

Amisha joined us for the first time. Here she was explaining about the quilt she is starting to make. It is simple, just rectangles, but it has many different fabrics in orange and white. It looks really nice.

And Camila was cutting fabrics for her big "storm of the sea" quilt. Here they are admiring Gisele's quilting bag.

As for me I am finishing up a quilt that I cannot show until it's all done and in the hands of its future owner.
And of course we enjoyed delicious food! Pilar made this amzing strawberry merengue pie that she promised to post the recipe soon. Gisele made Bruno's banana cake, also amazing, and also brought some egyptian treats, like baklaba. Amisha also made a delicious banana bread.

Great fun! I am looking forward to next Sunday!


Gisele Schoene said...

Sunday meeting was great! And you are right, we talk as we haven't seem each other for years!!

Claudia said...

I'm waiting to see you this sunday. It's so fun!!!