Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oven Mitt, Halloween Ghost and the Art Festival

After a few blogging attempts, here is th
e oven mitt!
My daughter wanted to try it on as soon as it was ready, she seems to be looking for her little fingers lost inside the big mitt.

When I picked some of Amisha's nice pieces of fabric, I promised to myself that I was not having them mooved from one shelf (Amisha's) to another (my own!). They arrived at the right time as we were going to visit
my parents in law the next weekend: I used the fabric to make this oven mitt for Grandma.

The pattern was from the book "Denyse Schmidt Quilts" and the idea of using it also came from Amisha.
I owe a lot to Amisha on this project. Thank you!

and time goes by.......

and.... it WAS Halloween, last week!


Did this ghost scare you?

My son was scaring mommy (wearing t
he costume that she had sewn for him).

and yesterday.......

it was the Gainesville Art Festival!

And here is the youngest Minerva's Circle member, focused on her art project.
Teri was there, being the most inspiring and enthusiast host!
Congratulations Teri, you make art feel like the most confortable and fun place to be!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to blogging

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Things happen and shake us really hard. For a while I have been sad, confused and upset. I have been thinking a lot about life and its meaning. I try to understand but I come to no conclusion. At this point, I find solace on different things and people. Of course, my son. He is part of me, he is my life. But my great inspiration is my friend Carmen. With her, I started sewing and blogging. She is a great friend, like a sister and our friendship has been keeping me sane. And now, I look and her and find strength to cope with the pain and keep going. Her positive attitude, her strenght and determination is an example for me. Carmen, you are a wonderful human being and my blog is dedicated to you.

And here is a picture of the light boy. That is what he wanted to be for Halloween. Can you tell he was eating chocolate?

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