Saturday, January 26, 2008

New members, new classes, new energy

Last week it was a very busy day at Minerva's Circle.
Lots of us showed up and there were all kinds of activities going on, knitting, Teri teaching hand quilting, hair dressing (yes, I cut Yanina's hair), old projects (yes, my very old quilt from 2005), new members (welcome Saraswate), good students, and modeling (that was Luca who likes to try all quilts on). It was overall a busy and fun day with a lot of projects in mind and a lot of good times ahead of us. Some pictures down here:


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

and Santa landed, with a bag full of crafts...

Last Sunday we met for our Secret Santa presents exchange. What a fun meeting!
Many of us were able to show up, despite the last minute change of meeting time and place.
I was so happy to be back! The drive from North Carolina is long, but it was worth every single mile to be again surrounded by wonderful friends.

Finally we started the opening of the crafted presents, with Luca's help:

and the Santa's crafted gifts continue:

We really were having a lot of fun!! And there's more:

After all the Secret Santa gifts were revealed I was surprised by a sweet "speech" by Tery presenting the cutest card offered by everyone to me!

That really was heart warming! Thank you all so much, you really are special and I treasure your friendship.

When Teri mentioned "from all of us" I suddenly remembered the little gifts I had sewn for everyone!

I made a little booklet with flannel pages for each Minerva's Circle member to carry their pins and needles easily. I got the idea from the book "Last minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts", by Joelle Hoverson. I really like the book, it has nice ideas and most of my projects and gifts are "last minute" kind...

What a great meeting!