Friday, March 21, 2008

Workshop’s Calendar Updated 4/8 x Marci

We are very happy to invite to who wants to come to our free workshops, we provide the materials and of course good food and good chatting.
In most of the workshop there are 10-12 spots available. So, please contact us if you want to enroll in one of them.

Already done:
2/10 >Teri >Handmade Quilting

2/17 and 2/24 > Carmen .> Bag making.

3/16 > Tere > Cover booklets.

*Thanks to you the pioneers!

Coming workshops:

3/23 > Carolina > Scrapbook cards > Please bring 20 theme pictures. Thanks Caro!

4/6 > Pilar > Fabrics cards> Thanks Pilar It was GREAT

HERE The Followings:

4/13 > Gladys > Apron Making

4/20 and 27 > Marci > Doll Marathon.

5/4 > OPEN

5/11 > Mother's day> No workshops today

5/18> Michelle > Applique's Techniques

and....MORE TO COME>>

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Workshop # 2: fabric cover notebooks

This Sunday at Minerva's circle we had a pleasant surprise, Amisha, who used to live here and is a part of our group, came by while she is spending some vacations in Florida. It was great to see her again and to have a nice chat with her while sewing and making new projects. She also got her presents from her secret Santa, Teri. A nice bag and a nice bowl among other nice things.

Amisha and her presents

One of our new members, Tere, was so kind on Sunday to show us how to make a beautiful fabric cover to a plain looking notebook. such a nice present and so easy to make! and also it required very few and inexpensive material. Thank you so much Tere! We enjoyed it a lot, and I gave mine to my mother in law and made her happy.
Here are the pictures of all of us with our notebooks.

Tere and Marcela

Minerva's circle notebook workshop 2

Here are the pictures of all of us with our notebooks.

Minerva's circle notebook workshop

And this is how they looked. I am looking forward to learn some new things, this was so much fun!

note books

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fantasy Party

I celebrated my birthday with Minerva's circle.
I decided to have a different birthday party and I enjoyed too much with my Minerva's friends.
We also played some games, very fun games!!!
We had a great afternoon two Sundays ago.
We ate delicious food (I promised you some recipes .!!), and we had some prizes for the winner and the loser in the games.
Was a unforgettable Birthday!

They are guessing the pocket smell

Very focused like an exam!!

Birthday cake!