Monday, September 29, 2008

MMMM soap!

I never thought I would be interested in making soap, but Carolina gain made it so easy for us that we had a great time creating a piece of soap and on top of that, a nice little present.
The soap making wasn't from scratch like some our friends do! It came from a kit, but allowed us to create nice designs with colors and shapes of our own taste.
We first cut pieces or colored soap that she had previously made at home.


Then we mounted it in a mold and prepared the embedding soap that was going to surround it. We added aroma and color to our taste and then we let it cool off.

in molds

happy to learn

mix mix mix

In the meantime, we learn how to wrap presents with fabric. This is a very Japanese thing. When I lived in Japan this is one of the first things I learned. People don't use lunch boxes but rather, take a beautiful fabric and wrap it up leaving a handle so it is easy to carry. It is an art! I loved doing it for this project. We also stamped the fabric, the paper that we put on top of the plastic wrapping and the little bags of bath salts that were part of this present.

colorful stamps

decorating the paper

mix well

We were happy with our creations. Thanks again Carolina for teaching us a fun project!



Happy at the results

My monkey

Paper cube

Last Sunday, we had our second workshop. It was something new to a lot of us and it was a lot of fun.
Carolina was our teacher. She is really good at doing things with paper and she taught us how to make a paper cube, which looks like origami, to put pictures around it. Kind of like picture frames in a cube.
We had some new guests and it was a lot of fun creating something so new and simple! Thank you so much Carolina! It feels good to create new things :)

Team work!

New girls!

Luca thirsty

Carolina and grandma

And as always, there was some quilting going on!

Even quilting!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

#3 Soap Making

We made soap for this workshop, and we also wrapped it in a Japanesse wrapping style. Here are the instructions. All you need is a square piece of fabric. This wrappings are also great for when giving a wine bottle as a gift. Click on the image to enlarge.

#2 Photo Cube

This was the second workshop. We made a really nice cube that you can see on my blog These are the ladies that were there that day plus my grandma on the right who was visiting. :o)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

First of the season

Here it was, our first workshop of the season started with hand quilting a lot of new faces, all of them happy :)


I'm the only one that doesn't seem to do much, but I did finish my shirt.


Clara made her first nine square! Amazing!


Even the little ones found entertainment.


A true little artist, showing us, Pilar's doll little heart.


The quilter, the thinker :)


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Card workshop

Last spring, around April, we had one of our workshop meetings, this time taught by Pilar.


We learned how to make fabric cards, very personal and that can even match the present or wrapping or just serve as a nice detail all by itself.
There were many of us, including some new members.

New member!

Teri became and expert with her sewing machine.


And Gladys even made one with her little friend Pablito.

Gladys and Pablito

Even my mom participated, she really enjoyed making something new and felt very proud too!

Isabel and Claudia

As you can see we did good, nice and easy project!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We are back for the fall!

Officially the summer holidays are over. We all get back to our routine, and nonetheless, we get together again, like every Sunday of the past 2.5 years.
It is so nice to get together, even if it's just to try Teri's new cookies or Gladys delicious melon or if it's just to talk. We had a great time and we hope for more during this coming semester.
Luca came along, he likes to try whatever is made, a quilt or a doll dress, even if it is just on top of his head....

luca trying the dress on

Gladys did good. She is knitting shoes for some of our dolls, amazing uh? She promised me some in black for my disco looking doll.

And those are smiles

gladys and the baby with shoes

Teri and Cata were there too. Teri made some delicious oat meal cookies and she actually worked on her sewing unlike the rest of us:)

Teri and Cata

Pilar was amazed with what you can do with gator fabric!

Pilar amazed by the gator outfit

We ate, laughed and talked about the past and the future. Lot's to look forward in the near future.