Wednesday, October 18, 2006

new faces

is it wednesday already? october whirls by and i am here to report on our sunday minerva's circle meeting. very little work to show from me as i got back from my conference sunday morning, and sadly a needle and thread is not airplane-friendly material! it's too bad really, as that long flight would have been a wonderful time to work on the flock of triangles quilt. much knitting but no sewing! it was great to sit and sew and relax with everyone on sunday, catch up, and see the new amazing work. first from shradma, who is new to gainesville and to our group... i think this is her 2nd or 3rd meeting. this weekend she brought her current project, a cute summery top:
she also brought these wonderful projects she made as a young girl in school. this is a sweet baby bib-- all the sewing is by hand, and the center fruits are individually appliqued and embroidered. her stitches are so tiny and delicate... it's very beautiful.
and here is another project from when she was a girl... a girl's smock-style top, with wee buttons in the back. click on the photo to check out the applique and embroidery! i especially love the girl in the corner, holding a basket on her head. as someone who tries embroidery on and off without much success, i'm so impressed with her delicate work. it inspires me to go back to my sublime stitching kit and finish the tea towel i started a year ago!

i hadn't seen pilar in a week and suddenly she had made a new quilt! this confection is made all in soft flannel, front and back, in soft baby colors. very sweet and a great quick project... she is going to tie the quilt rather than sew it at the corners of the squares. i love that idea and there's 2 more babies coming up... since my fingers have been sore for more than 2 months now on the triangles, i'm thinking tying will be the way to go for the next one.
ciao chicas... see you next week!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Sundays meeting

I can't say enough how much I enjoy meeting my crafty friends on Sunday. It is amasing how productive they are! Every week they bring new and beautiful things to show. I need to keep up with them, so better make this post short and go back to work...

Amisha is our fabric philanthropist. She brought us a lot of beautiful design fabric to give away. How sweet of her! And she cooked a deliciuos chocolate cake. Thank you, thank you Amisha!!

Clara made a great bed cover for her daughter's bed.

Claudia finished her big blanket. She said Pilar helped her. Isn't great to sew together? The blanket is amasing! So colorful and happy. What a great color combination!

Pilar is finishing the 'Tiny Happy' bag. Almost all of us have this bag. Well, one of us made bags for the whole family!! The bags are easy to make and they look great.

And here is another blanked from Claudia. I love the design and the the colors. As you can see on the picture, I am not the only one.

See you next Sunday!