Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Sundays meeting

I can't say enough how much I enjoy meeting my crafty friends on Sunday. It is amasing how productive they are! Every week they bring new and beautiful things to show. I need to keep up with them, so better make this post short and go back to work...

Amisha is our fabric philanthropist. She brought us a lot of beautiful design fabric to give away. How sweet of her! And she cooked a deliciuos chocolate cake. Thank you, thank you Amisha!!

Clara made a great bed cover for her daughter's bed.

Claudia finished her big blanket. She said Pilar helped her. Isn't great to sew together? The blanket is amasing! So colorful and happy. What a great color combination!

Pilar is finishing the 'Tiny Happy' bag. Almost all of us have this bag. Well, one of us made bags for the whole family!! The bags are easy to make and they look great.

And here is another blanked from Claudia. I love the design and the the colors. As you can see on the picture, I am not the only one.

See you next Sunday!


Erica said...

Ay Claudia! No lo puedo creer! Ya terminaste otras dos colchas (o estas por terminar la tercera?) De veras, como le haces? Estan preciosas!

Paz said...

Pepa, ahora que terminaste tu bolso, tienes que averiguar como hacer una mochila chiquita :)
Es un desafio!!