Sunday, September 24, 2006

better late than never

well... here it is sunday again, and i am very very delayed in posting photos from last week's meeting of minerva's circle. many apologies to my fellow quilt-and-sewers... i will try to be less of a slacker next time :) there were some marvelous creations at our meeting, and we had a new small person join us-- teri's son! he is already quilting at age 8 and was sewing away on a lovely patchwork piece. clearly he's good genes from his mama! here he is with teri looking on...
amazing, no? it made me think about when i learned to do needlework from my grandmother... i was in elementary school and i loved it. she taught me to crochet, quilt, sew, even tat lace! (the lace-making didn't last, though :) )

the super-productive gisele and her cozy halloween flannel pajamas for her son...
she was also working on 2 new mini-moopy dolls that were so, so cute. the fabric choices were so bright and colorful and she was embroidering some very expressive faces. here is one and the second is in progress in her lap.
flor is making some pants here , i believe, and is also trying to work out a pattern for a baby-holder that will go into a shopping cart. that's her little one in the stroller next to her... he is getting so big and is extremely adorable.
yanina is working on another pillow (or wall hanging? the memory starts to go when you wait this long to blog!)... a floral geometric design that she invented herself. i'm amazed by her ability to sketch out complex designs and make them a reality!
and clara is now the official goddess of applique. this is a finished bag for her son, to carry library books home in. all of those sharks are hand-cut and appliqued, and the details (teeth and eyes) are sewn on. we were all in awe of this bag! she sketched the sharks from a children's book that her son likes, cut them from soft blue suede-like fabric, then put the sharks together with "algae" fabric for the bottom and shimmering green threads. and check out the bag handle... it's padded so the heavy bag won't be uncomfortable to carry. this rocks clara!see you all this afternoon!

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