Sunday, April 29, 2007

There are all kinds of dolls

We had a good laugh today showing our dolls that will be sent to Africa one of these days. Some are sexy....with funky hair color and classy necklaces...some are loooong, with a flamenco flare....some are boyish looking, but with beautiful smiles....some are ready to clean a house yet cuties...and some are following Tokyo latest fashion...hehehe

As for me I received a late birthday present but beautiful! Claudia made me this mobil with three wonderful stars...The white one represents my Luca, I am the red one, of course red, and the big center one is McNair, such a precious present, I love it!

Yanina had the latest top fashion made by her! ON! We were all impressed with the finish, it looks very professional and it fits her perfect.

Flor was working on a skirt/pants with a beautiful fabric she got for her wedding and following one of Yanina's own patterns. Something typical in Argentina.

Claudia showed us her new hair style, made by her hubby, cute :)

As you can see most of the girls were working hard, Pilar was eating just for the picture, she did make some improvements in her pants that she will showcase in coming editions.

And Luca was also a member today, he did a performance on the piano today, he is a natural already in the Maguire commons room.

Have a nice week you all! I will be seeing you in 3 weeks!

Walking around the lake

We are lucky to live very close to each other for the most part. This week we decided that to cheer our spirit up it would be a good idea not only to craft but also to do some exercise. With all our children together it is really hard to arrange something that would work for all of us. This time, 4 moms and 6 children got together and went for a walk to the lake here at the university. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed very much seeing the wildlife and talking to our friends. There is always so much to talk about.... And here is us, I am just missing in this picture:

And today is Teri's birthday! Happy birthday Teri! I wish you a wonderful day and many more to come.

Later alligator!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Camels, dolls and quilts

Today was a quiet quilting day at Minerva's circle. We had a great time as usual, and for me it was specially quiet because I came alone. Mr. Luca was playing outside with my neighbors so I was the most productive I have been in the longest time. And we don't have a picture to prove it!
But we do have pictures of other productive ladies....Clara made these cute camels, the one on the right with the funny head shape, we weren't sure if it was a bird or a camel, but for sure both of the were cute!

Amisha and her baby quilt, she is in her last section, and she is getting ready to move on :)

Pilar, Flor and I got together one day to make dollies without borders. Pilar was the most advanced of all and she even got to make some fancy to this female African doll. Too big right now, but she had all these tricks in her head to make them fit just perfect.

Yanina and her lovely doll, she made the most beautiful hair and face! I really love it because it looks quite realistic. Very cute, and this one with the legs attached directly to the body.

And our special guest. The cutest and most talkative of all Eyram.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dollies Without Borders Day!

Today we had the pleasure of having Madeline Austin, of Dollies Without Borders join us. A number of Minerva's Circle members donated dolls, and there are more to come!

Madeline took a fancy to Marcela's dollie. It seemed hard for Marcela to part with her.

Madeline brought a slide show of some of the doll makers at work. The best part was seeing pictures of the dollies being delivered in Africa. It made it much easier to part with them.

Yesterday Marcela hosted a doll making party at her home. Here Madeline is holding the dolls donated by employees of Holbrook Travel where Marcela works.

Here is the basket of dollies Madeline left with. She said that before the dollies are taken to Africa she will bring the entire lot of them one Sunday for us to see.

Here is Marcela with her dollie.

Here I am with my dollie and camel. The camel is quick and easy, but the dolls are so much fun to decorate and accessorize! The patterns for both can be found on the Dollies Without Borders website.

We were glad to see Teri today! Amisha was working on a crib quilt she is donating to be auctioned off for Planned Parenthood.

Pilar and Yanina show Madeline some of the things they are working on, and explain a bit more about Minerva's Circle!

Hope to see everyone next week! Don't forget the Friends of the library book sale starts on the 21st! Hope everyone has a great week. And if you didn't make it this week, be sure to ask Carmen to show you the wonderful gift she received from Giselle. It is a book of her blog. It is something I am sure Carmen will treasure always!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Another week...a new metting

As the Beatles said 'it's getting better all the time' are the photos from last sunday:

Yanina, finally back from Cordoba...we missed you!
Thanks for bring the alfajores, yummy...

Ermitte stopped by to say hi and see what we were doing...why don't you join us some day?

Carmen and 'Luca pelusa'...the handsome boy from Minerva's

Awa and Pascaline made the most beautiful dolls...

This supposed to be more conversation and less work...but that's the best part.

See you in two days!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

better late than never?

hi there!
well, i am a lax poster here for sure... realizing that "tomorrow" is starting to mean more and more "next week"! so sorry for this, girls. looking at these photos and posting them, i am missing you all and hope that you had a good meeting this past sunday.

so a little blast from the past... our march 25 meeting....

i just love this photo of flor, flipping through a craft book. isn't she cute? :)

marcela is busily working away... she has been making the most amazing cute dolls from thrifted fabric, stretchy t-shirts and wild dresses with ribbon hair and turbans.

clara, knitting a firey scarf in a style that i thought was so interesting and different from what i had seen before... she loops the yarn around her neck and purls every stitch. i love that there are so many ways to knit, and we all produce the same knitted fabric... so many paths! i really want to try this way, it looks fun :)

claudia and her lovely springtime fruits bag! watermelons and lemons and limes...

michelle has made a wee version of melissa's tiny happy shoulder bag, so cute in pink. i think that this pattern is an initiation rite into minerva's circle :)

dineo is piecing this lovely star pattern in earth tones...

and one of our favorite little persons at minerva's circle.... hello luca!

see you all soon!