Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dollies Without Borders Day!

Today we had the pleasure of having Madeline Austin, of Dollies Without Borders join us. A number of Minerva's Circle members donated dolls, and there are more to come!

Madeline took a fancy to Marcela's dollie. It seemed hard for Marcela to part with her.

Madeline brought a slide show of some of the doll makers at work. The best part was seeing pictures of the dollies being delivered in Africa. It made it much easier to part with them.

Yesterday Marcela hosted a doll making party at her home. Here Madeline is holding the dolls donated by employees of Holbrook Travel where Marcela works.

Here is the basket of dollies Madeline left with. She said that before the dollies are taken to Africa she will bring the entire lot of them one Sunday for us to see.

Here is Marcela with her dollie.

Here I am with my dollie and camel. The camel is quick and easy, but the dolls are so much fun to decorate and accessorize! The patterns for both can be found on the Dollies Without Borders website.

We were glad to see Teri today! Amisha was working on a crib quilt she is donating to be auctioned off for Planned Parenthood.

Pilar and Yanina show Madeline some of the things they are working on, and explain a bit more about Minerva's Circle!

Hope to see everyone next week! Don't forget the Friends of the library book sale starts on the 21st! Hope everyone has a great week. And if you didn't make it this week, be sure to ask Carmen to show you the wonderful gift she received from Giselle. It is a book of her blog. It is something I am sure Carmen will treasure always!


Claudia said...

Wow!...I can tell you got a great meeting today. Sorry I couldn't make it but I have 2 dollies and a camel to bring to Madeleine. Marcela also told me that finally Carmen celebrated her birthday at Minerva's...and I missed, snif.

Great post Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Some of my friends are interested in making some dolls as well, so we should have a bunch for Madeline!
See you next week!

Gisele Schoene said...

It sounds like fun. What a great thing to do, helping people and having fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle for give us the oportunity to help..I enjoyed the slideshow that Madeline show us when the children in Kenya were receiving the dolls. Now I am a dolladict! i made a second one and working in one for my daugther...

Ana Clara said...

I miss you a lot! You are a wonderful group pf peoplenwith the right values and vigor to make ours a better world! I am very impressed with all of your work, the dollies, the quilt Amisha is doing to donate...
I am very proud to be part of this group.

See you all Sunday.