Sunday, April 29, 2007

There are all kinds of dolls

We had a good laugh today showing our dolls that will be sent to Africa one of these days. Some are sexy....with funky hair color and classy necklaces...some are loooong, with a flamenco flare....some are boyish looking, but with beautiful smiles....some are ready to clean a house yet cuties...and some are following Tokyo latest fashion...hehehe

As for me I received a late birthday present but beautiful! Claudia made me this mobil with three wonderful stars...The white one represents my Luca, I am the red one, of course red, and the big center one is McNair, such a precious present, I love it!

Yanina had the latest top fashion made by her! ON! We were all impressed with the finish, it looks very professional and it fits her perfect.

Flor was working on a skirt/pants with a beautiful fabric she got for her wedding and following one of Yanina's own patterns. Something typical in Argentina.

Claudia showed us her new hair style, made by her hubby, cute :)

As you can see most of the girls were working hard, Pilar was eating just for the picture, she did make some improvements in her pants that she will showcase in coming editions.

And Luca was also a member today, he did a performance on the piano today, he is a natural already in the Maguire commons room.

Have a nice week you all! I will be seeing you in 3 weeks!

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amisha said...

oh i missed you all yesterday... looks like you had a great time! will see you soon... XO