Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Gifts Sunday

Our last meeting was a gifts Sunday!! Amisha brought delayed gifts for every one who had had birthday; everything handmade and we are very happy and very surprising...! Receiving delayed gifts is a lot of fun!

Amisha continue working with her red quilt..... thank you Amisha for your presents!!!

Claudia is very excited with the dolls and she made one very special.

Michelle finished her baby quilt and in our meeting she make a label, look that it is beautiful!

It seems that the dolls that Minerva's circle will be sending to kenia are done.
These are the last dolls from Carmen and Flor.

A few weeks ago I received another gifts by mail. That was a surprise too. They were sent by Giselle and are handmade. A beautiful pin cushion and a seeds wall hanging.

I received this apron. It is terrific!! and i'm scared to use it for cooking it could get spoted

Here is Claudia and her new gift bag. She, the bag's queen add a beautiful model for her stock. She looks happy! don't you think?


amisha said...

i am so glad that you liked your presents! :) goodness, in every meeting i am working on that same red quilt... wonder if i'll ever finish it??

Claudia said...

No hay nada mas entretenido que recbir regalos inesperados, y hechos a mano mas especiales aun (gracias the nuevo Amisha). Lindo post Pilar, se percibe la buena energia!

There is nothing more fun that receive unexpected presents, and even more special if they're hand made (thanks again Amisha). Nice post Pilar, I can feel the good energy!

Gisele Schoene said...

The meeting itself is a lot of fun, even better when there are presents involved!

Carmen said...

I missed you this weekend! I least I was able to enjoy some time with Gisele thinking about you all!

Fiesta de Colores said...

Que bonito todo!

L.A. Rojas said...

Gracias por tu visita al blog!
Y sí, claro que no es algo para extrañar las congestiones, smog y tanta cosa de nuestro oscuro, pero querido Santiago.

Nos estamos leyendo!


L.A. Rojas