Monday, February 26, 2007

Mission Trenton

We had been talking about this shop in Trenton, a town about 45 min away from Gainesville, which is supposed to be a huge local-type of fabric/quilting store for the longest time. I can't even remember who told us about it, but it was probably Gisele who knew and made it so appealing. And Gisele was also one of the few of us who didn't come this Saturday on our mission to conquer the fabric store in Trenton. Needless to say, we thought about her and all our other friends who couldn't make it this time.
Time just disappeared while being surrounded by abundant amounts of colorful fabrics classified by colors, tones, themes, styles...I could just see each one of us focusing in a special area of the store. It took a while to see the whole store and then we had to do a second round to start selecting what we wanted, and then again, one more scanning of the area to make sure we didn't miss a hidden treasure. So much to pick from, so hard to decide! It was fun to have all our peer quilting friends to give us advice while we were trying to decide among 5 different rolls of fabric. Exciting thinking about new projects too. And we even got to socialize with other fanatics of quilting while we were there. To finish up with a wonderful morning, we sat in the little cafe of the shop and had a wonderful lunch while we talked about our findings and our excitement of being there.
For sure this was a special day to me, and I am sure, to all of us.

The bright section, one of my favorites!

Marcela was checking out all the beautiful bags...

Clara proudly showing us her findings.

The best shop keeper...Luquita.

From left to right, Camila, Michelle, Teri, Carmen, Luca, Pascaline and sitting in front Amisha, all ready for our lunch!

Lots of fun in Claudia's huge van!

Same here in Carmen's car.

And of course, the green bags are the proof of our purchases, and also our happy faces!

Friday, February 16, 2007


Almost a week ago Gisele left Gainesville to start a new life with her family.

We wanted to give her something special so she could remember those moments we shared at Minerva's meetings and beyond that... all about the strong friendship between all of us.

And this is what we got:

And the label at the back:

Gisele, all the best for you...

See you around:)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Claudia!

Parabens! Happy birthday!

Last week we celebrated Claudia's birthday. She is a very dear friend and we all prepared something to make her feel special.

I decided to bake my famous"Rolo de Coco".
Here is how I make it:

I use 6 eggs, about 2 cups of sugar, a tbsp of butter and 2/3 of a 14 oz pack of coconut.

Mix everything adding the coconut as the last ingredient.
Pour into a tray lined with parchment paper.
Goes in the oven at 350 F for 20-25 minutes.

Turn it on a piece of parchment paper (or cloth) sprinkled with some of the leftover coconut.

Roll it using the parchment paper (or cloth) to mold it.

Et voila'!

And here is the table full of yammy stuff for us to celebrate Claudia's birthday!

Pillar made a cute DS card "discard that we all signed for Claudia.

It was a really nice meeting! We had fun, ate and had a lot done. In fact, it was one of the busiest meetings I remember. Michelle brought the "monster" patterns and everything we needed to make them, including lots of cute fabrics! Thank you Michelle.

Michelle's "Monster crib quilt" is "monsterly" cute!

Amisha is almost done
with the quilt. She was wearing a beautiful skirt (as usual) the surprise was... she made it herself! Good job Amisha!

Claudia brought one more
of her "bag creations" and
Pillar made a backpack.

Flor was helped on her knit project by Amisha and Yanina.

And thank you to our guests for join us in this most pleasant, entertaining and accomplishing meeting.