Friday, April 18, 2008

Apron workshop

This past Sunday was the first session of the Apron workshops and at my place! I was lucky enough to have everybody around to my house and to start an exciting new workshop. Gladys showed us how to make them and it looks like must have made many in this life because she is an expert!

Arpon workshop 1-Gladys the teacher

Teri came late but cached up to all of us, at least me!

Arpon workshop 1-Teri

Claudia and Cata used my living room as cutting area. My apartment is not too big, but cozy, right?

Arpon workshop 1-Clau and Cata

Yanina doing some finishing touches.

Apron workshop 1-yanina

Pilar and I were blown away by the super overlock machine that Gladys owns. We just loved it! Actually Claudia was in line too and we did the finishing in all our aprons, we want a machine like that!!!

Apron workshop 1-Pilar and me

And Pilar with her gator apron, she is the latest acquisition by the University of Florida:)

Arpon workshop 1-Pilar

We will have more on this workshop on Sunday morning, looking forward to see the finish products!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008