Wednesday, April 04, 2007

better late than never?

hi there!
well, i am a lax poster here for sure... realizing that "tomorrow" is starting to mean more and more "next week"! so sorry for this, girls. looking at these photos and posting them, i am missing you all and hope that you had a good meeting this past sunday.

so a little blast from the past... our march 25 meeting....

i just love this photo of flor, flipping through a craft book. isn't she cute? :)

marcela is busily working away... she has been making the most amazing cute dolls from thrifted fabric, stretchy t-shirts and wild dresses with ribbon hair and turbans.

clara, knitting a firey scarf in a style that i thought was so interesting and different from what i had seen before... she loops the yarn around her neck and purls every stitch. i love that there are so many ways to knit, and we all produce the same knitted fabric... so many paths! i really want to try this way, it looks fun :)

claudia and her lovely springtime fruits bag! watermelons and lemons and limes...

michelle has made a wee version of melissa's tiny happy shoulder bag, so cute in pink. i think that this pattern is an initiation rite into minerva's circle :)

dineo is piecing this lovely star pattern in earth tones...

and one of our favorite little persons at minerva's circle.... hello luca!

see you all soon!

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