Monday, April 23, 2007

Camels, dolls and quilts

Today was a quiet quilting day at Minerva's circle. We had a great time as usual, and for me it was specially quiet because I came alone. Mr. Luca was playing outside with my neighbors so I was the most productive I have been in the longest time. And we don't have a picture to prove it!
But we do have pictures of other productive ladies....Clara made these cute camels, the one on the right with the funny head shape, we weren't sure if it was a bird or a camel, but for sure both of the were cute!

Amisha and her baby quilt, she is in her last section, and she is getting ready to move on :)

Pilar, Flor and I got together one day to make dollies without borders. Pilar was the most advanced of all and she even got to make some fancy to this female African doll. Too big right now, but she had all these tricks in her head to make them fit just perfect.

Yanina and her lovely doll, she made the most beautiful hair and face! I really love it because it looks quite realistic. Very cute, and this one with the legs attached directly to the body.

And our special guest. The cutest and most talkative of all Eyram.

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