Sunday, September 03, 2006

Birthday cake and more...

My son just turned five years old. He is so proud of his age!

He loves animals
and for the last year and a half
his passion
has been "sharks"
So, after having a
Tyranosaurus rex birthday cake
for his third
and fourth birthday,

he wanted a shark cake. I had no clue how to make a shark cake.
Then I had an idea. But when I woke up on his birthday,
I had given up and was going for one of those
nice cakes from Publix.
That's when my son interviene: "Mom, let's go
do the icing and decorate the shark".
What could I say?
Well, we had fun and we did it.

This is what we did.

We were so happy that we started
throwing ideas around to add to the cake for the party.
So, while I stayed home baking and decorating, the kids with dad and
the grandparents went "shopping" for a boat and a fisherman.

When the cake was finished we all
gathered around and laughed. My
husband asked me if I was making the cake for
my son or for me, as I was having
so much fun (specially while making the waves...).

The kids loved it.
They just wanted to play with it.

I can't emphasize enough that this project was only possible because my son would not let me give up. I guess we all need that kind of input, once in a while.

As it was the beginning
of school,
I decided to sew these little pencil bags for the children.

Just before leaving to Portugal, where we spent four wonderful weeks with our family, I made this pillow for my father. I could not show it to my friends because I left that Saturday, so here it is:


amisha said...

clara, these cakes are amazing! congratulations! i love the waves and the little fisherman too :)
i remember when i was little my mom would make really fancy cakes for my & my sister's birthdays... we were always so excited to see what she would do.

Yanina said...

I have showed your "shark" cake to Jorge and now he is asking me to make one for his next birthday!
Now you can see how much he loves fish! :)