Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to blogging

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Things happen and shake us really hard. For a while I have been sad, confused and upset. I have been thinking a lot about life and its meaning. I try to understand but I come to no conclusion. At this point, I find solace on different things and people. Of course, my son. He is part of me, he is my life. But my great inspiration is my friend Carmen. With her, I started sewing and blogging. She is a great friend, like a sister and our friendship has been keeping me sane. And now, I look and her and find strength to cope with the pain and keep going. Her positive attitude, her strenght and determination is an example for me. Carmen, you are a wonderful human being and my blog is dedicated to you.

And here is a picture of the light boy. That is what he wanted to be for Halloween. Can you tell he was eating chocolate?

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Claudia said...

Welcome to blogworld Gisele...and Carmen. I feel very lucky to know bothh of two are an example of what friendship has to be...

And Gabriel looks so cute...what a creative costume!

Yanina said...

I welcome you too! I have missed you and Carmen all this time. I realy enjoy all the nice things you share with us. And I also love to see how all the Minerva's little boys become a BIG BOYS! Cristina is the only little girl with us? Maybe I can balance this a little by adding my 3 nieces to the group... and until I have my own little ones :)