Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oven Mitt, Halloween Ghost and the Art Festival

After a few blogging attempts, here is th
e oven mitt!
My daughter wanted to try it on as soon as it was ready, she seems to be looking for her little fingers lost inside the big mitt.

When I picked some of Amisha's nice pieces of fabric, I promised to myself that I was not having them mooved from one shelf (Amisha's) to another (my own!). They arrived at the right time as we were going to visit
my parents in law the next weekend: I used the fabric to make this oven mitt for Grandma.

The pattern was from the book "Denyse Schmidt Quilts" and the idea of using it also came from Amisha.
I owe a lot to Amisha on this project. Thank you!

and time goes by.......

and.... it WAS Halloween, last week!


Did this ghost scare you?

My son was scaring mommy (wearing t
he costume that she had sewn for him).

and yesterday.......

it was the Gainesville Art Festival!

And here is the youngest Minerva's Circle member, focused on her art project.
Teri was there, being the most inspiring and enthusiast host!
Congratulations Teri, you make art feel like the most confortable and fun place to be!


amisha said...

you are the sweetest! i love your oven mitt and i especially love the photos of such a little hand in a big mitt :) missed you last week-- see you soon

Carmen said...

Wonderful oven mitt!! I want to make one too! The fabric looks great with that pattern too. And Rui is scary! Great costume! and I am glad you also had fun at the arts and crafts festival. I am looking forward to seeing you all again!