Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Once again Sunday fun

Once again we meet last Sunday. And once again we had a good time. I would say that for a change we were quite productive!! We were just 4 but we hadboth projects to show and projects to work on.
Pilar, almost done with her baby quilt showed us all her progress.

Yanina had a bunch of scraps from a lady that makes seminole quilts. They are really amazing pieces, very intricate with many small pieces. This is a style I would like to try one day.

Amazingly she is working on her second quilt already! in two weeks!!! She is learning how to hand quilt and most likely she will come with it all finished next week. She is fast! Gisele is finishing her baby quilt, looking great.

And I was quilting but I also finished this bunny, named Patricia. Do we look symetrical in the picture?


Gisele Schoene said...

Carmen, you look like Patricia's sister!!

Pilar said...

Carmen, te iba a escribir en tu blog porque habias omitido la foto de tu gemela, pero ahora salio fantastica!!!! a ver si seguimos igual de trabajadoras el proximo domingo!

Claudia said...

I missed you that sunday...