Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bags, bags and mor bags

I found this tutorial to make a cute bag in tiny happy. It's so nice and easy that I have alredy made 3 of them. The first and last were made using kitchen towels! It is nice to find cute fabric like this in unsuspected place and be able to use it for a very practical bag like this.
This is my first bag, with the kitchen towels. I use it everyday.

This is the second one, I will send it to my sister in Spain. I think she likes these kinds of patterns.

The last one is for my friend here who liked my bag and thought it was practical. She hasn't seen it yet but I hope she likes it.

And my friends Camila, Clara and Gisele also made a bag like this. It's quite popular around here :)


Pilar said...

Carmen, yo espero "afinar" pronto la costura a maquina para hacer uno!!! El modelo es precioso y con todos las telas se ve muy bien!!

Yanina said...

Las bolsas estan barbaras, Carmen. Si la ultima es para Gabriela, la va adorar! : )

Anonymous said...

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Lelita said...

Hi, soy la Lela y estoy fascinada con lo que hacen, no solo mis nietos sino mi hija y sus amigas. Las felicito a todas, y Claudita.....que lindas carteras...un besito, la Lela