Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tissue holder tutorial

I have made a couple of tissue holders to give as presents. I think they are cute and practical and a nice little and easy to make, quick gift. So I wanted to make a tutorial and share how I made it with all of you.
This are two tissue holders I made recently:

And here it goes the tutorial:
1. Cut two pieces of fabric, one for the outside and the other for the lining. The dimensions should be 6 inches x 7 inches.

2. With right sides together, sew a 1/4 inch seam around the border leaving 4 inches open in the longer side.

3. Open the seams of the side you left open and iron.

4. Turn right sides out and iron again. To make sure the corners are nice and pointy I use a chopstick to push them out.

5. Fold it with lining side out so that the 2 sides overlap 3/4 inches.

6. Sew it in the sides, this time leaving only 1/8inch seam allowance.Turn around and push corners out again with a chopstick. Iron again and voila! there you have it!


Pilar said...

Guau!!! No se ve dificil, Carmen. Voy a tratar de hacerlo a ver que resulta, me gusta como quedan!!!

Claudia said...

Siii!!!, que sencillo se ve...sera por la claridad de tu explicacion.
Las telas estan muy bonitas, algunas ya las reconozco.

Elaine said...

Olá querida

Seu blog é show. Muita coisa bonita e interessante, tu es uma artista. Parabens.

Bjs Elaine