Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sunday afternoon......working and working!

Our last Sunday meeting was very productive. If I'm not wrong it has been our fullest meeting, we were 10!!
And then, we could see many hands working.
Tery was with us, our teacher, and always we learn new things with her.
And I...kidnaped Carmen and she tought me how to use my new sew machine!!
An other Sunday very productive!!!
Tery with her beautiful big quilt

Camila already has half of the bedspread!!

Camila shows her beautiful yellow bag
Carmen finished her baby quilt too!!

Yanina with her first cushion finished!!

Claudia shows her new bedspread proyect

The socks made by Amisha

Amisha with her baby quilt with orange triangles


Carmen said...

Yes! it was fun! It's amazing when you look at all those projects at once, it looks like we have been working hard :)

Gisele Schoene said...

Wow! We were 10! I am suck a lucky woman to be part of this!! I LOVE our Sunday meetings!!