Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the sunday afternoon quilt and dessert society...

this is what my husband calls us! he is always wondering what delicious treats we are munching at our meetings... this time it was lovely fudge brownies and a great cream cheese and spinach dip. and we were very busily working away...

look at the adorable spiderman pajamas that pilar has made for her son! she made the pajama bottoms with her new sewing machine, then appliqued a piece of the same fabric to the soft cotton top to make a set. she also told us very funny stories about her son in the pajamas-- she was loosening up the waistband on sunday so they wouldn't pinch him!on the blue pajamas, she also made the pajama bottoms on the sewing machine then added a strip of coordinating fabric to the top as an applique. they are very cute pilar!

gisele was working on her lovely blue and yellow quilt... right now she is doing a very pretty scalloped quilting around the edges.

and carmen finished her baby quilt on sunday during our meeting! i love the colors in this quilt-- orange! :) she quilted it all over, following the circles, so there is a bubble pattern on the back. it's very cuddly because the orange fabric on some of the squares and the binding is a soft fuzzy velour-type fabric... so nice!

and here is claudia with maria from chile, who was new to the group. she has made amazing progress on her quilt since last week... she is piecing these squares together with a green binding in between each block. it's hard to tell here but she has made a strip as long as the couch!

for my part the baby quilt was put aside in favor of the wee bunny, and carmen and gisele helped me position his ears and make him cute!

oh, i also wanted to share with you all the recipe for the banana bread i made a couple of weeks ago. it is very easy and tasty... i bought a big bunch of bananas yesterday hoping that some might go a bit squishy by the end of the week so i can have banana bread :) here's the recipe:

2 c. flour
1 c. sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt

mix all of these dry ingredients together. then add
1 c. mashed banana (i use 2 or 3 bananas... however many are sitting around!)
1 tsp. vanilla (i tend to splash a bit extra in too)
2 large eggs, and
1/2 c. oil.

mix only until everything is mixed and wet-- don't beat or overmix. pop into a loaf pan at 350 degrees for an hour and there you go!


Carmen said...

that's funny! yes we are a society! Pretty well organized in terms of quilting talking and eating haha!

Gisele Schoene said...

I think we had pretty funny stories this weekend. We can tell our husbands that, besides quilting and eating, we chat too.

Pilar said...

The elastic band on the pajamas have been fixed and my two little
monsters are sleeping with them and they had a very good night!!