Sunday, December 17, 2006

No more hidden business

Hi There!!

Now that we don't have any more secrets to hide from Carmen, it is time for us to start posting about our Sunday meetings. It is holiday season and many of us are traveling or busy, but one can always count on Pilar! She never forgets to get the keys of the commons! Thanks!

Flor never told us she is a professional seamstress. Here is the outfit she made for her son's baptism. Without pattern!! Using a sewing machine from 1949! (I can't tell you where she got it!!). It looked amazing!! Very very beautiful!! I wonder what she will make next.

Amisha is back knitting.

We had a guest, Paz. Can you guess who her sister is? She came all the way from Chile to surprise Pilar, who opened the door yesterday and almost had a heart attack to see her sister. Isn't a great Christmas present?

Here is our key master. She finished her baby quilt. It is gorgeous!

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Pilar said...

We had a enjoy meeting, I think that the Christmas times is near it's a happy time. I'm very happy with my present!!!! big surprise.
Merry Crhistmas everybody!!

Yanina said...

Congratulations, Flor! It looks great! And I am very happy for Pilar! When Claudia told me about your sister I got "piel de gallina"! A very exciting surprice! : ) I have been busy with my trip to Venezuela but I will be back "next year"; I will try to post something from there. Have a very happy christmas and a better new year! : )