Sunday, June 21, 2009

One memorable day

Today I went to our quilting meeting with no much enthusiam. I knew most people woudn't be there because of father's day and it just makes it hard for me to come and entertain my son while there are no other kids his age for him to play with. But to my surprise, so many of my friends came and also a new member, which made it even more interesting! I am happy I ended up going, it cheered up my day. Luca was a good boy and he had fun just as usual by himself.

He is the one who took this picture of us, before he dropped my camera and almost broke it (I think is back to life now!).

Gladys, Carmen, Juanita

Proof that he had fun, look at his dirty feet!

Dirty feet

And everyone else did too!

Bridgett working on a dress:

Bridgett making a dress!

Teri working on her quilt top:

Teri working on her ancient quilt

Her beautiful quilt top made of clothes by the great grandmother of her friend, and ancient piece of work!
Teri's quilt

Gladys teaching our new friend Zahra how to crochet flowers. She is a fast learner!

Learnign crochet

The proof here:

First time learning!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! i will be there soon! I miss you girls! thanks carmen for the update, that quilt is beautifull!!
i hope to see you soon