Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good old friends!

Today we had a brief meeting at Minerva's. It looked like most of us had other things to do. We had though, the pleasent visit of our friend Clara, who used to live here and used to come frequently to our meetings. She is so talented and such a nice person that we were all happy to see her and impressed with her creations, as always.


As for the rest of us, we were catching up with crochet, dress making, crosstitch and me...well I guess I'm just the webmaster and the one who yells at Luca while he runs wild in the room with his friend Akiko.
And this is something from a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't had a chance to post about it and I will do it now. Juanita, from Ecuador likes doing crosstich. At first she started with a towel, with a pretty decoration of cherries and she finished it so quickly that now she is into another intricate project. This is how her first project came out. Nice uh??


Anonymous said...

I missed Clarita!! well I hope to go soon to our meetings, I miss you guys...That crosstiching is impresive!!...
love marci

Ana Clara said...

What a great day, it was so good to be back and see so many good friends!
Despite not many could come to the Minerva's Circle meeting, I loved being with those who were there and thanks to Carmen we went around the student's village and found many others!
Carmen, you are the same awesome person and I was so impressed with Luca's progress (and with your knowledge on language processing).
muitos beijos,
Ana Clara