Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Visiting Gainesville

Last year, when we started Minerva's Circle, we were about a dozen girls from all over the world. Life in an university town is very dynamic, people finish their degree and go back to their coutries or they find a job somewhere else. Now, there are Minervas in Brazil, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee. New members are joining, keeping high the spirit of friendship and craftness we all share.

Pascalin, Pilar, Carmen with Robert, Terri, Claudia and Flor with Matthew. Just like the old times... Well, Robert and Matthew are so tall!

We all were very interested on the new store Claudia found out.

Here I am trying to work hard.

Terri working on her grand daughter's quilt.

Matthew says 'Cheeeeseee'.

Claudia showing her new treasure.

I am the one in Tennesse and after 6 months away I had the fortune to go back and sew with the girls again! It was so nice to see my friends and share our stories. I can tell it is hard to find girls like you! You are all precious and being friends with someone like you inspire me. You are all fun, good mothers, workers, wives, and good friends. And you all cook delicious food! I miss you all.

I have a suggestion: Can we have the Sunday meeting sometime here in Knoxville?


Carmen said...

And we loved having you!! Thank you so much for coming and spending time with all of us, it was nice being just like a few months back, and yes, I vote for the Knoxville meeting!!

Pilar said...

I vote for Knoxville too!!!
We was very happy with you last meeting, you gave fresh air to Minerva!


Very cool you have such fun "sewing" friends....;)
Muito bom amiga...
O quilt que estás a fazer é lindo. Adoro essas cores... Um dia hei-de aprender:)

amisha said...

and i would like to meet in new york too :)
ohhh... i wish i could have been there! soon i hope i will see you all again. thinking of you and sewing with you in spirit!