Monday, August 13, 2007


Sunday's afternoon was filled with emotions. At first because -like never- almost all the Minerva's girls (living in Gainesville) were there. And we had a very good reson to come to this reunion. But before telling you more about it, I invite you to see the advances in each of our works:

Yanina and her king size quilt, a piece of art made by hand. We all agreed once it's finished instead of putting it on her bed, she should put it on a museum.

Gladys and her lovely knitted blanket.

Amisha completed her promise and finished her red & white quilt. She also did the apron that Pilar is showing us... beautiful, right ?

Later on the reunion, Yanina talked for all of us and gave Amisha the wall hanging that we had prepared for her with so much love and care as a good-bye gift.

We feel great that she liked it (she was admired how we chose her colors. That means we know her well).

She said she doesn't think of hanging the quilt but instead she will bring it everywhere, she would fight a cold New York and her long studying nights with it.

Amisha, you're an admirable woman. We're sure that you will get all your academic goals and will come back even stronger to fight for your ideals. Good luck on this new journey.

With all our love and friendship from Minerva's Circle.


Ana Clara said...

Go girls! I'm very proud of all of you. That seemed to be a quite eventful and fun meeting, I wish I was there. Good luck Amisha, congratulations and keep quilting, you make gorgeous crafts!

Carmen said...

All of yor projects are amazing as always, I am glad to see so much progress!!! and the quilt for Amisha looked really good, I really hope she enjoys it as much as I am enjoying mine!
I miss you girls!!

amisha said...

thank you so much for this beautiful post claudia and to everyone for my FABULOUS quilt!! i love it!! i miss you all already. lots of love,

Erica said...

I love the colors, what a beautiful quilt!

Good luck in NY, Amisha!
I also wanted to tell you that I like the quilt you made. Someday, I would make two stripped quilts just like that (but the colors will be pink and green) for my daughters.

Deb H said...

I think one of the best parts about quilting is how it brings the us together, & creates great friendships, in a warm & peacful way.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

what a great group! It's always nice when women come together around a hobby they love. The love grows for each other.

Gisele Schoene said...

It looks like the Minervas are spreading...
I am so happy to be part of this wonderful group, you all are special. I miss you!


I so envy your circle... i should move over, hahahhaha

Zelia from Portugal

Carolina :o) said...

Wow, such nice work ladies. I can't wait until we get some things done!!

Caro :o)