Sunday, January 14, 2007

The more the merrier

It is so much fun to have new people joining our group! Today we had Jennifer and Michele, hopefully they will come every Sunday because the more the merrier.

Jennifer was working hard on a baby quilt until she had a call to deliver a baby! Michelle brought so many nice things to show us. Wonderful books and beautiful beautiful applique blocks. We were all amazed with her technique.

And here is Claudia with her new bag. Isn't it gorgeous?

Here is one of the blocks Michelle is working. She is making a monster quilt and all the monsters are very cute. I think it is wrong to call them monsters! They are adorable!

And the title of Madre Teresa of the fabrics doesn't belong to Amisha anymore. Teri bought a box full of fabric to give away. Beautiful fabric! And I feel guilty to take them because I just spent a lot of money buying fabric this weekend. Teri is such a sweet woman. Well, better start a new project...

Ps 1. Thank you Amisha for the delicious chocolate cupcake!
Ps 2. We miss you, Carmen! Posted by Picasa


Pilar said...

It's very good for Minerva's circle to see for new faces!!!
I'm very excited with all the new projects and technics!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Gisele invited me to this group! I am sorry she will be leaving soon. Minerva's Circle is just the motivation I need to finish all my projects, and to begin new ones.
Looking forward to next week!

kayla_d said...

Oh man! I wish I was still in Gainesville--now I'm living in Jacksonville. It sounds like you've got a great group of creative ladies!

(I found your blog through Carmen's comment on my blog.)