Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Claudia, Clarita, Gaby and Maria Emilia

Hi Minerva friends:
I had been here for a month and I couldnt see guys, I felt so bad...I had been really busy taking my quals and moving my stuff and now it is time to leave Gainesville and start my research in Ecuador, my natal country. But I cant go without tell you that I really have good times with you, I learned a lot about crafts and enjoy it :-), but most important I learned about courage, persistance, respect, friendship, kindness and generosity. You really are going to be in our hearts(my mom, my sister and I). You have a home in Ecuador, come to visit us.
We are planning to start a branch of Minerva Club in Ecuador, my mom is really into it, I will sent pics if we finally make it.

Thanks again for everything


Maria Emilia planchando


la familia entera



Ana Clara said...

I wish you all the best, and I find the idea of branching Minerva in Equador SUPERB! GO FOR IT!

GS said...

Hi guys, thank you for your best wishes for my wedding. I promess to you send some pics of that special day.
Think of my on october 3th.
Let me know what a beautiful thing are you guys doing on Minerva´s workshop.

kisses, Gabi

Anonymous said...

I love the pics. Gabi, Maria Emilia and I really had hard time working in the bags, but we really enjoyed. Now, these tot bags are a treasure for us... we are really proud of them.
I am gonna miss the crafts and especially you... :-(