Sunday, March 22, 2009

More bagssss

I had my second bag workshop in Minerva's circle. the fist was held last year around February and some of the same girls were there. I can tell you that this time most already knew what they were doing because we got to the middle of the workshop in just one meeting! Last time it took us about 5 weekends! Now, some of them used the sewing machine for the first or second time so to all of you keep up the good work and you will be very happy with the results!!! I guess it helped that we were a smaller group and also that Luca was enjoying aa nap with his grandparents instead of running around.
We will have more of this next weekend!

working girls



Maria Emilia planchando

la familia entera

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Anonymous said...

Queridas Amigas de MInerva: He disfrutado mucho con tan lindas fotografias y por ver como siguen trabajanado con el mismo entusiasmo, que cuando yo estuve con ustedes. Muchos recurdos para todas. Felicitaciones por los huevitos decorados están hermosos.
Los bolsos preciosos espero que mi hija Gabrielita aprenda y me enseñe a su retorno. Un abrazo para todas, les recuerda con mucho afecto. Clarita.