Monday, February 09, 2009

Embroidery Sunday

Hi again!
This Sunday there were many of us joining for good company, good food and some crafts too!
We have started some embroidery , that Carmen from Bolivia is teaching us. Here she is showing some new stitches to Lisseth.

carmen y lisseth

Teri finished her new scarf! She made it so quickly! And it looks lovely!

Teri and her new scarf

Pilar and Cata enjoyed looking at magazines, nice recipes and nice patters too!

Pilar and cata

MArcela, Lisseth and I were working hard on our embroidery projects.

embroidery group

We now have a new database that Marcela prepared for our group and Teri was looking over our profiles. Bridget joined us in this group this Sunday.

new in the group

Gladys was an advanced student and had her embroidery finished!!! And they were reading and discussing yummy recipes with Pilar.

happy reading recipes

Marcela made a super cute purse to put all her cosmetics. Nice fabrics from ikea.

para los cosmeticos

And closed it looks like this.

bolsa cosmeticos de marcela

And this cute jacket was knitted by Pilar for our new youngest addition to the group...she and artist....

chaquetita hecha por pilar

Here he is, Jose Antonio and his mommy, the artist.

nueva adicion al grupo


Pilar said...

I cooked the "potatos recipe" today, Thanks Gladis!!! I mix Gladis's recipe and a spanish's recipe from Carmen's Burda magazine. It was very good, but probably is best for lunch, a little "hard" at night...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carmen for the nice post! Is always so inspiring see you all every weekend, my table runner will be done by next getting crazy with buttons on top of gals are a lot of fun!

Ana Clara said...

what a nice post! I miss you you all a lot.
I finished painting the kid's activity room and am now putting together some shelves: give them a chance to enjoy organizing (hu? am I dreaming? :) ).
The weather is now very nice and bike rides with the kids is getting me in a sweet mood...