Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I have been meaning to write this post for a while, and now that we received a very nice comment from one of our members who is now overseas, I decided it's about time.
Sometimes it is hard to keep this group going, we are so many members, and from different places, different villages or apartments, and we have different responsibilities in our lives, that it is hard to keep committing to this group, since this is just a hobby or a social meeting in a weekly basis. But someone has to be on top of things to make sure we don't let it go, we don't let it disappear. I try to do that, keep up with emailing, with the commons room, organizing workshops, etc, because I am not a student and I am not working either. I do have many personal responsibilities but I try to work around them. I think this group is important, it is for me, and I know it is for so many others.
I love the feeling of sharing knowledge without expecting anything back. And this is going on here a lot. There are so many woman that have so many things to share, that otherwise maybe one would never get a chance to learn that it makes an amazing opportunity for all of us to be "touched" by someone special. I also think that it s a nice and warm support group for many. I have seen so many people coming by, like Clarita, that didn't expect to have any social activity during her stay in Gainesville, but in turn, she ended up making some nice connections with a lot of people. The gratitude that she showed in her comment in the "Random" post shows it all. It was a privilege to get to meet her. A humble and friendly woman who had lots to share, not only crafts, but also affection. Those friendships stay and will remain in our memories, like many others that came and left before her. Thank you for participating in this group, it is wonderful to be a part of it.





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Pilar said...

Thanks Carmen for this post.
Minerva is a lot of friends, a lot of hearts, a lot of love!!!