Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pattern making

Last week, we had Clarita show us how o read a pattern and how to make it! It was very interested and as you can see from our faces, we were very concentrated! We didn't finish it so we will be continuing this coming Sunday.

pattern making

very concnetrated

more concentration!

measuring me

But that wasn't all! Little John, Teri's son, was working in his quilt! Yes! Unbelievably this little boy is hand quilting a beautiful quilt that he has been working on since he was 7. You see! Not only a child but also a male can do this!

John quilting

There was also a little bit of tatting. You can see the little pieces flowing out of my hands, still as addictive as 2 weeks ago. Today I got black thread to make my imagination go crazy with all this tatting :) Thanks Clarita for sharing such precious knowledge!



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Pilar said...

Everybody look very concentrate!!!
Nice model!!!!
I hope see you all this Sunday...