Friday, December 14, 2007

One Sunday afternoon

We had so much fun in our metting,... here, Carolina our new member
Carmen showing us the quilt for Hawa's baby....

Marcela showing gifts from Carolina, She made them for every one of us...
Thank you Carolina for the beautiful Christmas cards ....
Seems like Scrapbooking is a lot of fun!

Yanina and her wedding pictures...that we couldn't time yanina...

Carolina showing us her art....scrapbooking master :)
nice job...

Sra. Gladys doing flowers as usual, she has a list of request from all of us..
we like to include her flowers in every project!

Marcela's mairmaid finally done

Proud Marcela, it took like 5 month to finish this mairmaid...and still adding shells from Tery and adding more ...jeje..

We had a nice and fun meeting!

Claudia showing us her guy's Quilt projet, everyone gave her ideas and opinions about her nice usuall we always ask for advice and ideas..

That's why we love Minerva's

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