Friday, July 06, 2007

Minerva's circle first anniversary

It was more than a year ago that it all started, but only now we realize what a special year has it been, that we need to have a celebration. It actually started years back, when Teri introduced some of us to the quilting world. Hand quilting. It was summer of 2004, when Gisele said that there was a class being taught in one of the villages about quilting. I was hesitant about it, sewing wasn't my hobby even though I had made some clothes here and there. I even forgot to go to the first class and I missed the day that we were getting the fabrics and the instructions. But since a couple other friends were also going I thought it was a nice idea to attend to the following class and of course to learn how to do hand quilting. I had no idea what I was getting into, in fact, I didn't realize until weeks later. The teacher, our friend Teri, was very good at explaining things and not only that, she was so excited about it that she got all of us excited as well. She was also very inspirational and let us create and enjoy ourselves with the process of making something out of just pieces of fabrics that didn't mean anything. I made a baby quilt for my niece in Spain and in the meantime at home, I started another big quilt for my little sister. What amazed me the most was that because of those classes I started hanging out with more friends from different countries and it was even more interesting meeting, every day I would learn something new. And the following year came along and we joined another quilting class, we met some new friends, and we shared good moments together. Then we started with the blogs, the other crafts and the craziness of internet. That was mainly Gisele and I. Then the 2 of us got together in one of our homes and started sewing together. We would have Teri or other friends once in a while but it was mainly the 2 of us. Then we joined a knitting class, and met some new people, like Clara. And the group started growing. Then we decided to really get together and do it. Pilar and Claudia that had taken the second quilting class were really into it and they started coming every Sunday. So we decided to get a common room to fit everyone. And then new friends started joining and it was just an amazing experience. Not all of them came every Sunday and not all of them quilted, but it didn't matter. The important thing was that whoever came was welcomed and was free to get inspired by others and enjoy each others company. At least that's how I felt. And that's how I still feel. Even having some of our friends living out of Gainesville, it really doesn't matter. We are all part of this magical circle. Congratulations Minerva's circle for a wonderful first year!

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Pilar said...

Gracias Carmen por resumir tan bien el comienzo de Minerva's circle. Ha sido un anno intenso en todo sentido, las sonrisas de la celebracion reflejan la alegria de habernos encontrado y de pertenecer a este grupo.